Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Expiration Date Approaching

The Bush tax cuts are inching toward expiration and the Republicans want to restore (or renew) them. Why not have everyone pay his or her fair share?
by Charlie Leck

It was nine years ago that Dick Cheney and George W. Bush gave the wealthy of this nation a nice, juicy tax cut. Ever ask yourself why?

There are plenty of economists around who draw a line directly from our current economic collapse to these tax cuts. I think this tax favoritism is unfair. A couple of the nation’s wealthiest entrepreneurs also think it's unfair and they favor letting the cuts expire (Warren Buffet and Bill Gates). Warren Buffet has often used his secretary as an example of the unfairness of these tax policies. She pays taxes at a far higher rate than Buffet does. Why should she have to do that?

We, here in this household, benefit financially from the Cheney-Bush tax cuts; yet we whole-heartily favor letting them expire. We’ve bills to pay folks – heavy debts left us by the Cheney-Bush wars and foolish taxation policies. Those incredible expenses and debts should not rest so heavily on the shoulders of the middle class.

And Republicans are running around claiming that Democrats want to raise taxes on common middle class citizens. It is, of course, a lie. Republicans don’t mind lying these days. It fires up the Tea Party and frightens people who don’t pay close enough attention.

Instead, watch what the Republicans are doing. They want those favorable tax benefits for the wealthy continued.

Have you ever asked yourself why we’ve arrived at such an enormous chasm between the rich and the poor – or even between the rich and the middle class? Wealth in America is staggering, breath-taking and hard to believe! So is our poverty! Yet, the Republicans try to make us think these tax cuts are ambrosial. In fact, they smell very much like our sheep barn on a hot, humid day.

It’s really important that those of us who want the favoritism toward the rich to end sign a petition for Senator Patrick Leahy asking Congress to allow the tax cuts to expire. You can do so here…

I hope you’ll sign the petition as I did just this morning. Recent polls show that nearly 70 percent of Americans want the tax cuts to expire. Republicans and the right-wing media ignore this overwhelming opposition to those tax cuts and use heavy-handed tactics to squeeze Democrats who are facing challenging reelection bids into siding with them on extension. Your voice is really needed on this issue.

You might also think about copying, cutting and pasting the message in this blog and emailing it to your friends who you think would be sympathetic to the appeal. Ask them to sign the petition.


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