Monday, September 6, 2010

The Only Hope for the Dems

Actually, there are two things the Democratic Party and progressives must hope for in the November election and they are not too likely.
by Charlie Leck

Labor Day, 2010

Hopes are slim for the Democrats in the upcoming elections. I hope all of you will get out and vote, exercising your most important right as a citizen. For the Democrats and progressives to have any success in 2010 two things must happen.

Somehow the Democrats have got to reenergize all those new voters who came out in 2008 to elect a man who had promised to change the way the executive branch of government (at the very least) worked. The predictions are that tens of millions of those new voters, having not seen any change in the way things work, will not come out to vote in this mid-term election in November. If that is true, the progressive agenda is skunked.

Somehow progressives must hope that millions of people are getting turned-off on, rather than turned on to, the Tea Party and all its hype, shenanigans and bellicosity. The Tea Party is a conglomeration of all sorts of angry and frightened folks. Most of them have bought into the execrable claims of the Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh types in America. The Tea Party folks desire to live in a world that doesn’t and cannot exist anymore.

Perhaps the Tea Party is so outrageous that most middle of the road folks will find its claims to be odiously fictional. The political party that comes closest to staking its claim at the middle of the great American political spectrum is usually the party that wins the most elections.

President Obama is being crunched by time. The elections are racing toward us. In only two months the American people will vote. The results may turn out to be a crushing defeat for the Obama agenda and make him look dangerously like a one-term President.


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