Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Can't Do Without Margaret & Helen

Old Helen told it like it is today. The old girl is a philosopher of sorts and I wish I could give her a peck on the cheek!
by Charlie Leck
"I have lived all my life speaking my mind. And I don't intend to stop now. You want to know what I really think? I think Fox News has no problem telling lies. And I think a whole lot of white people don't like having a black President. And I think gay people scare straight people. And religious people forget the basic teachings handed down by the founders of their religion. At the crossroads of every major religion, you'll find the Golden Rule. Too bad they've deleted it from their GPS." [Margaret & Helen]
The old girl, or whoever writes under her guise, really gets it. Today's blog was another damned good one and I wish to hell everyone in the country would read this stuff regularly. I really do!

How can any blogger -- and I mean any blogger -- beat this kind of stuff? Read it and weep!
"Democrats need to stop looking for middle ground and start looking for higher ground. And for goodness sakes, grow a pair and quit apologizing for it."
Damn, that's poetry!


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