Monday, November 1, 2010

Minnesota Sixth District Must be Sicko

Michele Bachmann will win big in Minnesota’s Sixth District and that clearly says something about the wacko voters up there!
by Charlie Leck

Minnesota’s Sixth District
The verdict is in. The nutty, crazy, loopy woman, whose elevator has not run to the top floor for years and years, will win in Minnesota's Sixth District. Minnesota will have egg on its face for, at least, another two years. How can stupidity and zaniness keep winning in the sixth district? In all my years, I’ve never witnessed another politician crazier than this broad. She’s just a total nut case! On the eve of the election, Bachmann holds a 9 to 10 point lead.

Pennsylvania Senate Race
The Senate race in Pennsylvania has tightened! Pat Toomey, the Republican, had a seemingly certain victory kind-of-lead two weeks ago. The Democrat, Joe Sestak, has closed the margin to 3 points – very close to the margin of error. We can’t call this a toss-up yet. Toomey is still projected to win, but if the Dems can put on a great home-stretch kick, there is a chance for progressives there. AND, it would be one of the biggest victories in the nation.

Nevada Senate Race
Of course, Nevada is projected to be the one of the most crushing defeats in the nation for progressives. All the polls there agree that Harry Reid will bite the dust and go down to defeat. Sharron Angle, the Republican and darling of the Tea Party looks, at this moment, like she will win. I’m in mourning over this one. It will be a stupendous victory for the Tea Party. The only win that could match it would be a Tom Emmer victory in Minnesota’s race for Governor.

Colorado Senate Race
Michael Bennett is in the political fight of his life. It looks like this Democrat will lose his seat to Republican challenger Ken Buck, but Buck’s margin is just within the margin of error. So, anything could happen there, but I’m calling it a defeat for progressives and it depresses me to say so.

Wisconsin Senate Race
Talk about depressing, I can’t see how the legendary Democrat, Russ Feingold, can make up the deficit between him and the Republican, Ron Johnson. No Dem loss saddens me more than this one. I’ve written here very clearly about my feelings for Feingold (Russ Feingold was the Model Senator). He is one of the finest U.S. Senators in the history of the nation. I can’t believe Wisconsin is going to reject him, but it appears that they certainly will.

Washington Senate Race
Patty Murray, another extraordinary woman and person, looks like she’s in the fight of her political life out in Washington. At this moment, Murray leads by a thread, but it’s within the margin of error and we have to call it a toss-up.

California Senate Race
Barbara Boxer is in a toss-up race out in California as she tries to retain her Senate seat. If Boxer goes down along with Harry Reid, President Obama is in a real pickle in terms of trying to get anything done in the next two years – a real pickle. Reliable polls have Boxer with a slim, slim lead in this race, but anything could happen in the real vote tomorrow. I’m calling it a Boxer victory in a very, very close race.

Pennsylvania Senate Race
I suppose progressives should feel good about the tight Senate race in Pennsylvania. A few weeks ago it didn’t look like Democrat Joe Sestak had a chance. Now Sestak and Pat Toomey, the Republican, are essentially even in the polls. Pennsylvania is a schizophrenic state, however, and I look for a defeat there for progressive politics.

Colorado Senate Race
It’s Republican Ken Buck leading by a nose out in Colorado over hard charging Michael Bennet, the Democrat and incumbent U.S. Senator. Most polls give Buck a 3 or 4 point lead. CNN/Time, which has been pretty accurate in the last few elections, gives Buck only a 1 point lead (and that makes it a tie right now).

Go out and vote tomorrow! Every vote is important and every citizen ought to be voting. It is sad that such a small percentage of us will both. I've always that "if you don't vote, you can't complain!"


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