Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Warning

This is a warning to all you witches out there!
by Charlie Leck

The photo above came in from a friend in South Carolina. Together we tracked what appears to be its original source in an effort to give out some credit. I thought it was clever and creative enough to be shared.

We don't get into decorating for this big night. In the 20 years we've lived here we've had trick-or-treaters twice -- and both times just one single group! Nevertheless, we stock up on candy and have a basket full in our foyer just in case.

Is it appropriate to wish someone a Happy Halloween? I don't know. Anyway, have a good day!

I leave you with this very frightening thought on this Halloween. Tom Emmer for Governor? It's a scary proposition!

At the moment here in Minnesota, the race has gotten very tight. I think polls are less trustworthy this year than I have ever thought so before. The local polling organizations are showing Mark Dayton with a 6 or 7 point lead over Emmer and that Tom Horner, the independent, is another 10 points or so behind Emmer. I don't believe either of those propositions at all. I think Horner is much stronger than that and is likely to pick up a large block of people who are undecided but likely to vote. I also think there is no spread between Dayton and Emmer, putting them in a virtual tie.

Could there be another tie and recount in Minnesota, as there was in the Senate race in 2008, which took nearly 6 months to award Al Franken his seat in the Senate? (That was a terrible sentence, but it's Halloween and I'm just a ghost of myself today.) It's also another scary possibility.

You folks around the country, keep your eyes on Minnesota on election night and see if I am not correct about this gubernatorial race. It is going to be very, very close and, as someone once said, "the last could be first!"


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