Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Heaven for Political Junkies

photo by Pobytov (iStock)

This is one of the great races for political junkies to keep their eyes on!
by Charlie Leck

If you are nuts about election time in America and enjoy watching the ins and outs and campaign tactics of some of the great races, have I got one for you to watch. Cast your eyes north, to the huge state of Alaska. There is every chance in the world that a write-in candidate is going to win up there even in the face of opposition from Sarah Palin.

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican, was beaten in the state primaries this year by Joe Miller, one of Palin’s patsies. Nevertheless, Murkowski declared herself a write-in candidate against the advice of nearly every political strategist in the state. The fear among Republicans was that she’d divide the party and hand the election over to the Democrat, Scott McAdams.

Now, against all odds, it appears Ms. Murkowski may pull out a victory! Too bad for the Democrats because they could use that seat. Na… na… na… na… na… to Ms. Palin and her influence in Alaska.

Lots of wonderful stories are appearing in newspapers all across the country about this election, but, perhaps, the best is the one in this morning’s New York Times. I suggest it to you.

Another good analysis comes in from Scott Conroy on Real Clear Politics.

All polls show the race to be between the two Republicans and they are in a dead even tie with Murkowski seeming to have the momentum with only seven days to go. McAdams has proven himself a poor campaigner and doesn’t appear to be a factor any longer. Murkowski, who is very bright on national issues, is a very able campaigner who has nearly total control of the native population in the state.

Go get ‘em girl!


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