Monday, October 25, 2010

A Boatload of Fools

Fools supporting fools supporting fools who support fools!
by Charlie Leck

Do you know what damage that a fool captaining the ship can do? Think about the Exon Valdez up there at Prince William Sound in Alaska!

Look what the fool, George W. Bush, did captaining the nation. He dragged us into two wars and set the economy up for a kill by Wall Street, the banking industry and a pile of real estate crooks. Now the same fools bend everything mercilessly to make others think it was a disaster caused by Barack Obama and the Democrats.

Now there are a pile of fools in the Republican Party who are willing to vote for Minnesota's ultimate fool for Governor. One of those fools, David Frauenshuh, who will vote for anything endorsed by the Republican Party – even skunks – tried to take pen in hand to write an endorsement column in our shell of a local newspaper on behalf of Tom Emmer. Frauenshuh is a commercial real estate kingpin who should know better. He gives lots of money to the Elephants. He once held a big bash at his home for George W.. A boatload of fools were in attendance back there in the hills of Edina.

It’s amazing what some men will do when it comes to loyalty to the party!

What made Frauenshuh’s column so foolish is that it was juxtaposed against a piece just above it that was written by three thinking, intelligent Republicans (George Pillsbury, Nate Garvis and Tim Penny) – who all will refuse to vote for Tom Emmer even though he is the endorsed candidate of the party.

Frauenshuh obviously does not know the Tom Emmer who lives out here in our part of town nor the Tom Emmer who plays fast and loose with money and often cheats people out of what he owes them. He doesn’t know this slugabed who is a bag of wind and who hasn’t the ability to have an original substantive thought come out of his mind.

“I am four-square for Tom Emmer,” Mr. Frauenshuh writes. It’s not a hyphenated word, sir! Go all the way and be foursquare behind Emmer instead of playing around.

Perhaps Frauenshuh knows Emmer is a guy who will be easily tucked into the pocket of the commercial real estate industry and will faithfully kiss the combined keisters of the local business community.

The big pitch that Frauenshuh makes is that Emmer will do more for the private sector and will enable local businesses to create more jobs. While the goal is worthy, there are plenty of us who don’t trust that the business community will use increased benefits on job creation and not just to line their own pockets a bit more. And while we're at it here, I'd wager my bumpkin that Horner would do more for growing Minnesota business than Emmer would.

There is a sensible conservative Republican in the race for Governor and then there is the endorsed fool. Unfortunately, blindly loyal Republicans will support the fool even though he is dangerous and has none of the needed qualities of a leader.

If you had brains, rather than blind loyalty, Mr. Frauenshuh, you'd be supporting Tom Horner. Though I won't vote for him myself, it is clear that Horner is a man of solid timber and I'm glad we Democrats don't have to go one on one with him. And, sir, I'm sure glad, for just this one election, that we don't have ranked-choice voting. In their column endorsing such a voting procedure, Pillsbury, Garvis and Penny call Tom Horner "a smart, qualified candidate running a thoughtful, issue-based campaign." They're right about that! It was a tough call for me when I decided not to support him.


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