Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Season Ends in a Head-On Crash

The Twins' dream season ended last night as a bad nightmare!
by Charie Leck

I'm too bummed out to write anything significant this morning because the Twins were shelled again last night by the New York Yankees. There's never any relief against the Yankees. Every batter they send to the plate can strike fear into the heart and mind of an opposing pitcher. They overwhelmed my favorite ball team in this post-season as they so often have in the past.

The night the Twins won the division championship, they should have forgone the big celebration. They were tied then for the best record in all of baseball. They took the next couple of weeks off and lost about 10 of those 13 games. They rested players and took it easy for a while. They lost momentum and never regained it.

When they won that division title and were looking so good, everyone in the Twins' world was touting Ron Gardenhire as the best candidate for Manager of the Year. Now everyone is as silent as can be. He let the team cool down and couldn't get it reheated.

There is no joy in Mudville!


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