Monday, October 4, 2010

What’s the story about the Ryder Cup?

Shirley Dusinberre Durham is worth a read!
by Charlie Leck

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Shirley Dusineberre Durham is worth a read, indeed! She is the author of Mr. Ryder’s Trophy (2002). She also writes the blog, The Ryder Cup Story. If you want to understand the history and the spirit of the Ryder Cup and what makes this event so special, Ms. Dusinberre Durham’s book is worth the time you’ll spend with it. Her new blog is extremely well written also. I recommend it.

A few years ago, I gave my golf library to the lovely golf club right next door to us, so I can’t grab the book and provide a couple of quotations for you. Take my word for it, however, this is a very good writer and it's a very interesting story that she tells.

I was glued to the Ryder Cup telecasts this morning at 4 a.m. and, as usual, I found the competition very exciting and extraordinary to watch. Virtually every player interviewed said, in one way or another, that the Ryder Cup was the most special golf event in which they ever play. That’s remarkable when you think that they are not playing for individual honors or for money in this event. It is for team and country.

The U.S. got way behind after the first few sessions this year and it looked as if they had not a chance to be competitive. In fact, they made a comeback that was inspirational and fell only one-half point short of retaining the Ryder Cup for America. Hope you got to watch some of it. Congratulations to the fine and spirited European team.

I'll be interested in Ms. Dusinberre Durham's take on the competition.

Oh, yes! My question! That's Sam Mitchell atop the spectacular Ryder Cup trophy! It is fair for you to ask: "Who the hell is Sam Mitchell?" Well, I'll tell you only this: "It's quite a story! To read it, get Ms. Dusinberre Durham's fine book." The book would make a fine Christmas gift for the golfer in your family.

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