Saturday, October 23, 2010

Firing the Whole Damn Lot of Them!

Sometimes I just get sick of TV news and have to shut-er down for a while. Don’t you?
by Charlie Leck

I read a really good column last night – freshly published – by Eric Hananoki: Wishing for Obama’s assassination won’t get you fired from Fox News. I recommend it to you. It will take you less than 5 minutes to read it and you’ll see a litany of terrible news gaffs that have been made on FOX – and some of them just awful – after which no one got fired or seriously reprimanded (probably because FOX likes those ratings that sensationalization rather than real news reporting gets its network).

Over at CNN, two very successful news personalities have recently been fired for remarks they probably shouldn’t have said. Juan Williams talked about the fear that strikes him when he sees a Muslim in traditional dress on a plane flight. 91.872 percent of all of us have the same thoughts aboard planes, but Williams shouldn’t have said it. Rick Sanchez’s comments about Jon Stewart and Jews were probably a little tougher – but I just don’t get that they were outrageous. Both of these CNN transgressions were like child’s play compared to the some of these bogus and awful things commentators are saying over at FOX.

And, you know something? FOX is now winning the ratings contest over CNN. Isn’t that shameful – I mean, that so many people would tune-in to that clap over at FOX?

All of it gets me so sick sometimes, that I just turn the damn channel (can anyone out there remember when we turned channels?). Thank goodness there are plenty of football games and end of the season baseball games on! I can also sit outside and watch the leaves falling and get more inspiration than I get from TV News.

Below, you can watch and hear Sanchez’s comments about Jon Stewart and Jews and decide for yourself.

To hear what Juan Williams said, go to this FOX News page and click on the video of his comments.

If, however, you haven’t read the Hananoki column, you’ll miss the real context I’m trying to write about here. That is, TV News just sucks – all of it. This crap is what’s given birth to the awful Tea Party and to all the irrational, fictitious and asinine things being said about progressive thinkers in America today.

I’m off TV News for awhile!


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  1. I agree with you about Juan Williams. Dress has a lot to do with the fears they invoke. Not so sure about Sanchez although Jon Stewart with his daily reminder that he is a Jew can provoke comments simiar to Sanchezs'. As for TV news, the heavyweights are gone. As " Margaret And Helen" suggest, it's time to bring back the rabbit ears.