Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Becoming Part of Another’s Body

The idea of the living donating parts of their body that another may live is quite mind boggling to me!
by Charlie Leck

The daughter of a good friend of mine will receive a kidney tomorrow. The wonderful young lady who is donating one of her kidneys shall be known here as Sarah. Her extraordinary gift of life and health is the culmination of many months of praying and hoping.

Sarah and Lisa have been blogging about their extraordinary relationship and this gift that draws them into a closer relationship of intimacy than most of us will never know. Imagine! This lovely person, Sarah, is actually going to become a part of Lisa's body – not just Lisa’s life, but her body!

Oh, my!

It was many, many months ago that I wrote here about Lisa and her need for a kidney transplant. One of my own, dear daughters read the blog and made the incredible offer to donate her kidney. It turned out to be a mismatch. That was back in January. We’ve been waiting so patiently for Sarah to come along and here she is, as intimate a part of the circle of friends and family who surround Lisa as is humanly possible.

There are good stories and great stories and stories that just blow you away. This one is the latter. We’ll be thinking about Lisa and Sarah all through the night and again through the morrow. Sarah, you’re a star in our circle of intimacy now and we’re glad to have you among us. Dear, dear daughter, how proud I am of you, too.


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