Sunday, October 3, 2010

Who cares? I Confess!

I have a weakness about which I must confess!
by Charlie Leck

I do have a terrible weakness. I confess. Most of you won’t care a spit (that’s sort of like a dot or tittle or an iota) about this, but I love competitive golf. I would much prefer watching a final round of a United States Golf Championship than a World Series or a Super Bowl.

I know! That makes me odd!

If you love golf competition, I have a question. What is more exciting than the final round of a Ryder Cup competition in all of sports? My answer is: “Nothing whatsoever!”

The Ryder Cup is on TV very early tomorrow morning (Sunday) because it is being played in Wales. The U.S. has an accountant’s lead in the event; HOWEVER, one of the rounds is not complete and the European team is ahead in all four of the matches left out there on the course to be yet completed tomorrow morning BEFORE the final round of SINGLES (head to head) competition.

I will be glued to the TV at 3:00 a.m. this morning!

“Excuse me? What did you say?”


  1. You have my condolences. It must be like watching grass grow. Enjoy!

  2. Ah, Charles, I was wondering if you were going to make it over for the cup! Cardiff is filled with Americans and golf buggies and - until recently - with rumours of presidential visits. What a finish, though! Errol Flynn couldn't have handed us a finer cliffhanger.