Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

The grandkids, growing up so quickly, send email photographs to grandpa and
grandma, keeping us up-to-date. This is one from
early this autumn.

Thanks to Thee from Whom all blessings flow.
by Charlie Leck

It’s early in the morning on the day before Thanksgiving and it’s cold in Minnesota. I awoke this morning with a great sense of anticipation. A couple of the grandkids arrive today.

The weather report, very Minnesota-like, isn’t too chummy! Drizzle will arrive this morning and then temperatures will drop, making it a freezing rain that will eventually turn to snow. A driver’s nightmare, you know – snow on top of ice!

The grandkids, their mom and dad, and their dog, Lucy, are making their way up here from the east, driving northwest across Wisconsin. They spent the night in one of those Wisconsin Dells water-park hotels last night. They’ll drive, I hope, ever so carefully.

We’ve a big weekend planned, so my blog will likely be unattended for the holiday weekend (unless I post a few photographs of the family activities). Dinner for tomorrow is moving along nicely. All the shopping is done. The turkey is in the refrigerator and so is a leg of lamb and a wonderful looking salmon that is curing and almost ready to be sliced paper-thinly as lox. A couple of the kids will be missing, but 66.6666 percent isn’t bad.

No offense to our children, but it’s the grandkids I get excited to see. It’s so much fun to see how they grow and change over several months. Photographs that arrived by email this late summer and early autumn showed such growth and change. Oh, my!

From our Minnesota home to you, wherever you are reading, is sent this wish that you will have a very blessed Thanksgiving Day. Happy Thanksgiving! Be grateful, but never be satisfied. Our world is in need of so much more care and love.

And to the Great Force that gives us life and all the blessings that come with it, I am humbly grateful and ask only for the time to watch these grandchildren become adults; but, but – don’t get me wrong – Thine own will be done, of course!

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