Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Rush Toward Christmas

It's quiet now, after Thanksgiving Day, and we move on toward the massive shopping season; so I wish you "Bon Apetit!"
by Charlie Leck

I don't have a lot to write about this morning because I have a big design job that has to be FedEx shipped to Paris within an hour or two; however, I came across a photograph in a local magazine over the weekend that I just had to capture here on a blog.

The little restaurant in a nearby town, Terra Waconia in Waconia, Minnesota, has been named by Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine as one of the best 12 new restaurants in the Twin Cities area in 2010. Bravo! What a good choice.

I may be biased. They buy their lamb from Sheepy Hollow, my wife's business, and they are proud to proclaim it on their menu.

The photograph at the head of this blog nearly made me gasp when I saw it. It is a spectacular example of the success my wife's lamb business has had. She produces a lamb product that, I think, is beyond compare. It isn't only I who feels that way, however, for she has a strong and loyal following. This blog may be looked at, I suppose, as a hopeless plug for my wife's business. It isn't, however, for she really can't handle any more sales than she already has.

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