Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bachmann has a bigger idea, I guess!

I cannot believe the Republican Party cannot do better! I cannot!
by Charlie Leck

So, it is 6:48 a.m. as I sit down to write this follow-up on yesterday’s blog. When I checked my email this morning there were four messages of ridicule responding to what I had to say yesterday. How, they all seemed to ask me, could I have missed the real signs that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was sending out.

“She isn’t signaling anything to Senator Klobuchar, you dummy,” wrote one person only identified by a stranger-than-strange email address. “Her message is to Obama and she’s going to kick his butt!”

Bachmann Considers White House Bid
Well, there it was on the front page of today’s local paper. My eyes froze on the headline when I read it: “Bachmann considers White House bid!”

I read the article by Kevin Diaz and Jeremy Herb, StarTribune staff writers. I sat thinking about it. Sarah Palin? Michele Bachmann? John Boehner?

Oh, my! What has the once proud and glorious Republican Party become? What?

Okay! I did miss the signals. What bravado her ability to raise money has given Michele Bachman! What a sense of grandiosity she has developed.

Everything always starts in Iowa!
You’ve gotta be big in Iowa to stand a chance. That seems to be the presidential primary rule in America and it has been for the last two or three decades. So, this morning’s news article tells me, Bachman will confer with that state’s big GOP leaders and will address an organization of tax (or anti-tax) activists on January 21.

“That,” one of my readers told me, “is the clarion signal – not some meager Minnesota bell ringing!”

Okay! I’m red-faced. Discombobulated! Chagrined!

I thought some more about the whole matter! And then the answer came to me clearly and I am ready to make one of my fearless election predictions. Here comes a fearless election prediction!

It will never happen!
Representative Michele Bachmann will not be the Republican candidate for President of the United States in 2012. I don’t think that party will even consider her for Vice President. They might allow her to give an unrequited hug to the party’s eventual candidate – but, a la George W. Bush, he’ll only get red-faced and won’t hug her back.

Bachman is really an outsider in the Republican Party. She embarrasses the really party leaders. Look at her brief and unsuccessful candidacy in the last couple of months for Speaker of the House. Oh, my! You talk about the proverbial fart in church – well, that was it! My, what a stink it caused.

Unless, somehow, the Republican Party has really gone round the bend and loss touch with any sense of reality – and, at the same time, forgotten the American dream – they are not going to stand for Michele Bachman being their leader.

And, if I’m wrong?
Well, if I’m wrong, then shame on us all – every one!

So, to my criticizing readers, I say just this: Bachmann will mount a campaign – in Minnesota – for the Minnesota seat in the U.S. Senate that is up for grabs in 2012. And, heaven help Minnesota!

“There,” with Bobby Vinton, “I’ve said it again!” (Oh, my! What memories that song brings back! Listen to again and again right here!)


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  1. Guess you should read this story in this morning's MinnPost: "Bachmann wants to 'repeal' Obama in 2012." Charlie