Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kudos for the Photographer

Yesterday's year-end blog brought requests for a photograph of the photographer!
by Charlie Leck

More of you seemed to enjoy yesterday's photo blog, along with its description of the Royal Windsor Horse Show, than I ever would have believed. I'm pleased you found it interesting.

From a number of you -- especially from those of you who've never met her -- I received email requests to see the photographer herself. Well, to my surprise, as I was scanning away on these slides, I did come across one of her at Windsor. Someone (and I expect Bill Domoe, pictured below) must have turned one of her cameras on her and took the picture in the heading. Not bad looking at all, ey? That was 31 years ago and she looks as beautiful even today.

A couple of you actually asked for more photos from Windsor, so, if you're really interested, a few more follow. Remember, these photos are all from 1980. If you're really dying to see all of them (and there are a couple hundred), I'd be happy to mail you a DVD disk with all the images.

I think that's quite enough to fulfill the wishes expressed to me in your emails. Again, a very happy new year to you all!


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