Tuesday, January 25, 2011

“My Love is Great!”

“My love is great! It is greater than my anger!”
by Charlie Leck

I’ve heard some of history’s greatest preachers. I’m not talking about Billy Graham and the like. I’m talking about really great preachers who made sense and said important and relevant things to people hungry to hear the word in a sensible, intelligent way (such as William Sloan Coffin).

So, now I send you to listen to a little girl. I need to guess her age. Probably 9 or 10. Listen to her tell the story of Jonah. It’s never been told better and you will not be sorry for the 7 or 8 minutes you give her.

Don’t give up on her early. Give her room! Give her the entire time and you will likely stand up and cheer as I did.

Jesus gathered the little children around him and then said to those who were nearby: “Of such is the Kingdom of God!”


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