Thursday, January 13, 2011

The President Spoke to our Hearts

The Memorial Service in Tucson last night brought together people of all political persuasions and the civility was remarkable and so pleasant.
by Charlie Leck

After listening and watching the President's speech last evening, I canceled a blog I'd written for today. It seemed to be inappropriate.

I hope all of you listened last evening -- listened carefully!

When a nation is wounded and reeling, it needs a strong leader who can begin the healing. Our extraordinary President did that last night.

His speech was outstanding and perfect for that moment. He called us to be at peace with each other and to be civil in our discourse. Let us hope his call is heard and heeded.

There is hope. People of opposing stripes were in that audience last night. It appeared the applause was unified and genuine. Perhaps this tragedy will bring something good into the life of our nation.


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