Monday, January 24, 2011

Terror in a Russian Airport

How will Russia’s highest level authorities react and respond to the terrorist attack?
by Charlie Leck

The attack at Russia’s Domodedovo Airport was horrible and an abhorrent example of maniacal terrorism in the world today. It could have happened here just as well; and we should remember this as we think of the torment the people of Russia must be feeling. As of the current count, it appears that more than 30 are dead and nearly 200 were injured.

The airport is Russia’s busiest and serves the capital city and the heart of Russia. That nation clearly doesn’t have the kind of first responders we do in all of our major cities. The region was clearly unprepared for so devastating a fiasco. Airport baggage carts were used to remove many of the injured and dead.

Now, Russia is not the United States when appraised in other ways either. Leadership and decision making is much more powerful at the top and less concerned with consultation with any other branches of government. This fact will make it interesting to see how Russian authorities respond to the attack and what new security measures they will take in the future. From an international news reader’s vantage point, that will make for interesting scrutiny.

My guess is that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will use the catastrophe to grab for more power and he will demonstrate tough and rapid responses to the Russian public, especially if it is learned that the attack was orchestrated by Muslim fanatics in his own nation – from the north Caucasus region on Russia’s south border.

To see the great difference between a democratic nation with centuries under its belt and an infant one trying to make its way along under this difficult form of government, keep your eye on the news out of Russia.


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