Sunday, January 9, 2011

Congresswoman Gabby Giffords

It is a sad Sunday morning and questions hang so heavily over us!
by Charlie Leck

Writing a blog today – on this Sunday, after the brutal and sickening shooting in Tucson – seems so senseless. I’m reading too much instant analysis of what happened – too much blaming it on the current political climate – too much thinking that it is the fault of the right or the left. It’s not time for such babble.

This is a time to feel utter sadness and grief for the lives of people we don’t even know – for a fallen federal judge, John M. Roll, who appeared to be a good and important man (AMID SHOCK, RECALLING JUDGE’S LIFE OF SERVICE); and we grieve, too, for all the others who had planned to see loved ones and friends later that day and now are gone for no good reason whatsoever – whatsoever!

A New York Times headline blares at us: BLOODSHED PUTS NEW FOCUS ON VITRIOL IN POLITICS! Yet, we don’t know why the mad young man brought his awful weapon to the parking lot of that shopping mall. We don’t know anything yet! We may never know or understand.

It’s just utter madness. We do know that.

Hopefully a good Congresswoman will be okay. I knew nothing about Gabby Giffords until I read about her this morning (PASSIONATE POLITICIAN HAS MANY FRIENDS). It seems like I should have known all these lovely things before this. She is a good and dedicated woman, trying to understand what to do in a troubled time in our nation. She doesn’t take hard lines, but tries to understand what the soul of the nation needs in order to heal the deep divides that seem to dominate every political discussion these days.

I may be making no sense to you; only consider that, perhaps, there’s no sense to be made – at least not today.


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