Saturday, July 30, 2011

John Boehner or Monty Python

For an especially good laugh how about we roast John Boehner – no, no, I don’t mean make fun of him, but I mean roast him!
by Charlie Leck

Instead, how about a little Monty Python in order to get away from John Boehner’s incessant sniping and howling? Because I forgot to get my radio-alarm reset to the classical music station, the damned BBC awakened me this morning to the sound of Speaker Boehner screaming across the hallway in the U.S. Capitol Building, asking the Senate Majority Leader to put something on the friggin’ table. Something! Anything! Could you please? Anyone hear me? Anyone? Are there any Democrats alive anywhere anymore?

Terribly hard on the nerves – such bellowing!

Now here’s something for you to look at that makes absolute sense and should solve America’s problems and settle everyone’s nervous condition. And, you might get just a little snicker out of it. Boenher, of course, wouldn’t understand, but that’s not our problem.


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