Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Minnesota Government is Open Again

For better or worse, our state government is back at work and our state parks, rest stops, licensing bureaus and all the rest is back in service!
by Charlie Leck

It took three weeks, but Minnesota is open again. It’s all been pretty embarrassing and downright stupid.

I think the Republicans will pay for this in the next election. Minnesotans are not stupid people and they will realize which party it was who held us all hostage until they got exactly the ransom they wanted. Some of the solutions proposed by Governor Dayton would have been simple to enact and would have reduced the damage that budget cutting is doing to so many of Minnesota's hardworking families.

It is vital that Democrats take back control of the state legislative process to return sanity to governance. It will be important for Democrats to expose the selfishness of the Republican Party and the host of lies they’ve been continually telling.

I found it incredible that Republicans wanted to weaken the education of children in Minnesota at the very time it needed to be strengthened. Improving care for Minnesota’s down-and-out people became impossible under Republican control of the House and Senate.

A half a dozen victory gains in the House and in the Senate will put Democrats back in control. I don’t think that will be a problem after this pitiful performance by Republican legislators


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