Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Republican Party Cannot Govern

The current GOP is mired by promises made from which it cannot back down!
by Charlie Leck

I’ve read it in several opinion columns lately and I’ve come to agree with it: The national Republican Party, as evidenced by its lack of discipline and cohesion in the House of Representatives, cannot not currently govern. This is a new phenomenon. Though I’ve disagreed rather strongly with the ideologies of that Party, I have always respected its ability to manage the government. Now the GOP is so divided by ideologies that are poles apart that it cannot manage itself; therefore, it is frightening to think of it managing the nation.

And amazingly, it is trying to manage the nation through its control of the House.

Remember! Do not forget! The Republican Party controls only the House – that is one-third of the three arms of government. It has not earned the right to dictate policy to the Senate and the Executive Branch.

It may seem beyond belief, but this party in chaos may bring the great wheels of government to a crashing halt later this week. Hold on! The results of the sudden stoppage may be very traumatic.

Here’s a helpful web site put together by the Washington Post: It will enable you to see who runs government from A-Z or from Alabama to Wyoming. If you have not been contacting your Representatives about this matter, you should now urge them to get some kind of acceptable compromise passed in the House.


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