Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bachmann Implodes

Minnesota’s Congresswoman from Congressional District 6 has egg on her face again! She looks pretty that way!
by Charlie Leck

Richard Scheibl sent me an email to tell me he didn’t think I was very kind (as the profile on my blog urges us all to be).

"As for trying to be kind, really trying, there’s no evidence of it in your writing," Mr. Scheible wrote (among other things).

This he bases on my name-calling when it comes to Congresswoman Bachmann – I think I called her a “crackpot” and, perhaps, a “flaming idiot” and, at another time, “a total nut-case.”

Ms. Bachman does drive me a bit wild. I think I can let up on the criticism, however, and stop worrying about her because she is doing herself in quite well. She doesn't need me trying to bring her down. She's doing it to herself. Thank goodness!

The Congresswoman has been making a total fool of herself lately and there ain’t no tomorrow for her, I’m quite sure.

The nation is finally seeing her for the fool she is and it’s laughing quite heartily.

A blog in The Weekly Standard by John Mccormack explains the seriousness of Bachmann’s self-inflicted wounds and how her goofy mouth has brought her down – Bachmann’s Implosion.

This very same member of the House of Representatives is now criticizing Obama for assisting in the over-throw of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarack. This is the same woman who earlier criticized Obama for being too slow to act in Libya. [Read the Mother Jones comments here!]

Here’s a video from MSNBC that features one of Bachmann’s former, trusted advisors cutting loose, in a very kind way, on Bachmann’s loose tongue.

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I may well react a little unkindly to the actions and words of Michele Bachmann, but the woman is crazy (I mean it!) and it frightens me to think of her as the President of the United States. I don’t have time to argue about whether it is unkind of me to say such things. I just have to tell you the truth about her. She doesn’t deserve to be President of the United States and she shouldn’t be serving in the House either.

In Mr. Scheibel’s email to me he asked for a list of Bachmann’s gaffes so he could fact check them and get back to me. I haven’t the time for such lists here, so I’ll just refer my critic to the DNC’s Bachmann Watch page and he can read about the Congresswoman’s craziness there.

My only hope now it that Bachmann has imploded so significantly that she will do great damage to her chances to be reelected to the House next fall.


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