Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Pro for 46 Years!

It’s difficult, but the work is also pleasurable?
by Charlie Leck

I’ve been sitting at this desk for hours and hours. When I rise, my back is stiff and my legs wobble. A couple more days of this tedious work and I’ll be finished and ready to return to normalcy.

There’s pleasure in some of the discoveries I’m making. Look, for instance, at the wonderful photograph above. Recognize that it is miniature in size compared to the real one. I found this in pretty faded and forlorn condition. The autographs at the bottom, originally put there by three well know sports broadcasters Jim McKay, Bud Palmer and Chris Schenkel – along with legendary golfer Byron Nelson – had all faded dramatically. I was able to restore and darken them a bit and I returned some realistic color to the photograph that had turned yellowish-green.

Of course, the main subject is the young fellow who has his eyes so avidly fixed on Bryon Nelson. He’s sitting at the table in the casual, blue jacket, looking like he is hanging on Nelson’s every word. That’s Phil Reith, the head professional at the golf establishment to which I belong. He’s going to retire after this season, after spending 46 years in our pro shop. He’ll be deeply missed.

I’m guessing that this photograph was taken in about 1968 – give or take a year.

Well, it’s back to work.


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