Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Great War

My parents told me that it had been called the war to end all wars. It did not, of course.
by Charlie Leck

I just finished watching an extraordinary, ten minuts video about Frank W. Buckles, the last American veteran of World War I. Mr. Buckles died this past February. It is sometimes charming – this video – by Very Ape Productions. It is also somewhat poignant in places and much of it is very moving.

I recommend it to you. Pay particular attention to Mr. Buckles’ comments about the men coming home – four million veterans returning at the same time and trying to resume their lives where they left off. Also give Mr. Buckles your ear when he talks about wars like our current involvement in Iraq.

This is an especially good way to use ten minutes on a Sunday morning.

Buckles from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.


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  1. I know this from the other side - my Dad was born 1899 in East Prussia. He entered the war at age 16. He was wounded 7 times, buried up to his neck in a trench with shrapnel taking out his teeth and blowing a few holes in his cheek and nose, surviving a grenade at close range. His view of war was the same as this man's. He felt this "family feud" should have been settled by a couple generals alone, representing each side, instead of slaughtering so many young men. He returned to the family land and found the government had also given him another 1,000 acres to care for because the people there had been killed in the war. Money was worthless, people had nothing and their wills and hopes were shattered. Just a small part of what he experienced. Lynn