Friday, September 23, 2011

Legislative Failure Cripples the Nation

Tony Rugare has got it right, I'm so very afraid!
by Charlie Leck

One of my regular blog reads come out of Cleveland, Ohio. Tony Rugare writes a blog that is, at the moment, called FROM TONY’S KEYBOARD. Tony likes fiddling with the format of his blog page and that includes rather frequent changes in the title. Whatever it’s called, it’s worth the very little amount of time it takes to read his nearly daily and brief “musings about a potpourri of subjects.”

A couple of days ago he made an interesting observation about which I have been thinking for some time. It’s frightening that the politics of removing Obama from office has gotten so dominant in the minds of his opponents that they are willing to sacrifice the good of the country to their objectives. Here’s how Tony put it in a mere paragraph.

“In his speech to a joint session of Congress on September 8, President Obama reminded both parties, ‘The election is 14 months away.’ His message was that it is totally selfish for both parties to battle each other instead of joining together to fix the economy. Predictably the message fell on deaf Republican ears. There is no doubt that Republicans will stop at nothing in their quest to remove Obama from the presidency. Is this the Republican version of ‘Arab Spring?’ If so, it looks like we have 14 months of chaos ahead of us. Hopefully there will not be an ‘Arab Spring’ American style in our future.”

Were we (Democrats) as irrational when we set our goal on removing the Republicans from Executive Branch control? Remember McCain and Obama postponing their scheduled campaign trips to fly to Washington to consult with George W. Bush about the imminent collapse of the economy? Remember how Obama and the Democrats cooperated with the President in creating aide packages for some of those banks and companies, to shore them up? Bail-outs, the Republicans call them now; and they create the fiction that they were Obama’s idea. Republicans don’t want us remembering that this economy went to hell under the gaze of George W. Bush and the deregulation that began with Ronald Reagan.

Unfortunately, Tony has got it right: we have a long 14 months of feuding in front of us and very little helpful legislation.


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