Friday, November 30, 2012

Ms. Rice, Meet Ms. Rice

Jon Stewart makes us laugh about the silliness of Senator John McCain!
by Charlie Leck

Back on November 15, I wrote a blog called John McCain Doesn’t Make Sense. It dealt with the Senator’s silly criticisms of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice over the violence at our embassy in Benghazi. I argued that McCain and Senator Lindsay Graham have short memories. I recalled that they begged the nation’s indulgence and forgiveness for what the U.N. Ambassador in 2008 (Condoleezza Rice) said about the necessity to go to war in Iraq (one of the biggest foreign policy mistakes this nation ever made). Remember how she assured us that Iraq was stock-piling WMD (weapons of mass destruction). Even after the truth was known, McCain and Graham argued for understanding and urged us to overlook Ms. Rice’s comments then, as she was being considered by the Senate to become our Secretary of State.

This is all incredible irony. Now, a month after I wrote that, listen to Jon Stewart lay it on the line on his TV show, using the very same argument (though I do grant he is a helluva lot funnier than I).

Go here to watch this segment of his show. You will get a laugh or two out of it.

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