Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Blame Game

My, oh my! The blame game has begun and so has the political posturing. Just think, in only three and one-half years you get to listen to all of this yet again!
by Charlie Leck

Mitch McConnell
urges the President to move to the center! My goodness! Mitch, I hope you’ll make that distant move as well.

Bill Clinton
was remarkable on the campaign trail. It’s reported – I hope correctly – he wants to mentor the President a bit in Mr. Obama’s second term. Good! I doubt the President could get better advice! Work with him, Mr. President.

Tammy Baldwin
becomes the first openly gay woman to serve in the U.S. Senate. Something about that pleases me. Perhaps it’s the diversity.

Heidi Heitkamp
is elected to the Senate in North Dakota. The country is changing rapidly folks and, again, it pleases me. North Dakota elects a woman? And, she’s a democrat! Women will hold twenty seats in the U.S. Senate. That’s a record number. Good for the Senate! I mean it! That will be good for the Senate. It’s good for America, too!

Mazie Hirono
was elected to the U.S. Senate in the state of Hawaii. Not only is she a woman, but she is also Asian-American. Diversity! I like it.

Maggie Hassan
was elected Governor up in New Hampshire. The state has two women U.S. Senators – Ann McLane Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter, and now has two women in the House of Representatives – Jeanne Shaheen (Democrat) and Kelly Ayotte (Republican). There’s lots about this election that makes my heart sing! New Hampshire's entire U.S. delegation is female.

Hillary Clinton
is a remarkable Secretary of State and has served the President well. She’s indicated she wants to step down now. I wish she wouldn’t. My blogging friend, Tony Rugare, thinks Hillary will be the next President of the United States. I don’t agree with him, but I hope like all-get-out that he’s correct.

Nate Silver
who analyzes election polling results for the New York Times (FiveThirtyEight) got it completely right this year. He predicted every single state correctly. In 2008 he got everyone of them correctly predicted except Indiana (which went for Obama)

John Boehner,
the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, seemed to show some flexibility on the day after the election. He called for some chats with the President and said it will take time and hard work, but they should be able to work together. Boehner said he is flexible about identifying new revenues. I think Mr. Boehner may have heard America speaking!

Harry Reid
wants to dance. The leader of the U.S. Senate said it’s better to dance than to fight. Dancing with Mitch McConnell doesn’t sound like the most attractive thing in the world, but go to it Harry and let’s show some cooperation in building a better America.

Hurricane Sandy
is being blamed by many Republicans for their defeat in the presidential race. Whatever! If you need a scapegoat, why not a weather phenomenon? Lots of Romney’s biggest donors are blaming his campaign staff and say that they weren’t up to the task. I may as well add my two cents worth. I blame it on the women of America who voted overwhelmingly for Obama; and on the black population which came out in droves to support Mr. Obama; and on the Latino population who saw more hope for a just America in Obama than in Romney; and on gays and lesbians; and on left-handed violin players… (enough)!

Chris Christie,
Governor of New Jersey, is being blamed by many Republicans for being too respectful to the President when Obama visited there after the hurricane passed through. Well, now, isn’t that just a lot of crap! Common’ fellas! We’re supposed to show respect for the President.

The Tea Party
folks are really upset at Romney. They say that Romney just didn’t carry their message at all. Had he stayed on message, the Tea Party leaders say, he would have won the election. There should have been no moving toward the center. As the kids say these days, OMG!

An idiot,
at an election night party I attended, blamed Romney’s defeat on “those damned blacks!” I sarcastically reminded him that the “Latinos” played a role as well. And the “frickin’ liberals,” too! And, the “pink people with all the white polka-dots.” Perhaps, too, the “overly happy people” – you know, the gay folks! The hostess for the evening quickly separated us and sent us to neutral corners.

made an utter fool of itself. Down there in my least favorite state in the Union, a protest sprung up at the University of Mississippi against President Obama’s reelection. Lots of naughty language and racial slurs were reported. The police showed up and a couple of people were arrested. The president of the University correctly pointed out that it was not representative of the student body and that only a small number of students were involved. A counter demonstration sprung up calling for racial harmony. Well, good for Mississippi! More of that and I may change some of my opinions about the state.

Move to Minneapolis!
A story posted on Slate yesterday suggested that folks move to Minneapolis if they feel like they’re paying too much rent. Not only does Minneapolis (and the entire Twin Cities) offer some of the best rental rates in the country, according to the story, but we also offer some attractively “low Midwestern prices” on other essentials as well. There are also jobs in Minnesota for the well-trained. However, it will cost you a bit to purchase a heavy coat, stocking cap and some good snow boots. Welcome to winter wonderland!

Rich Madaleno,
a gay state senator from Maryland, will now have the opportunity to get married. His state, in Tuesday’s election, approved same-sex marriage in its state. Hooray for Maryland! Congratulations, Rich. Send me an invitation, will you? I’d love to be there.

Karl Rove
lost his cool and his temper on-the-air on Tuesday night after FOX News called the State of Ohio a win for President Obama. There was an ugly little confrontation between Rove and one of the FOX commentators. I’m sure it was a low moment for Rove. After all, he had orchestrated the most expensive advertising assault on a sitting president in history. It should be said that Mr. Rove quickly regained his composure and went on to explain why the networks had to be careful about such declarations – that they report on the elections and not become a part of them (e.g., Florida in 2004).

Paul D. Ryan,
I suspect, will inherit a great deal of blame for the loss. It’s an easy thing to do, but it’s also unfair. Ryan did what was expected of him. Now Ryan will return to the House of Representative and he will serve well the people of Wisconsin. Remember, he chairs the House budget committee and he’ll be very involved in day-to-day discussions with the President about how we are going to dig our way out of this deficit (caused mainly, in my opinion, by two very expensive wars and an out-of-control “military-industrial complex”). Mr. Ryan has a differing opinion.

(the Supreme Court of the United States) inherits the blame for the insane amount of money that was spent on the 2012 presidential election (and on other national and local elections as well) because of its decision in Citizens United. Campaign spending in the United States is out of control and equals, in many cases, the entire national budget of some nations. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont, urges a national referendum to overturn that decision and a return to regulated campaign expenditures.
Support him!

For this morning, that’s enough!

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  1. Great summary. New leadership in Congress might get things going in the right direction. I know, easier said than done.