Monday, November 26, 2012

Retreat from the Sea

     Lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge

One of the most remarkable articles I’ve lately read is one by three coastal ecologists, that was simply titled: We’re Too Close to the Sea! It comes on the heels of Hurricane Sandy (does a hurricane have heels?) and, following plenty of time to think, after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Irene.
by Charlie Leck

It appears we must retreat!
American’s do not like the concept of retreat; for it suggests defeat in a particular battle, and a withdrawal from that battle in order to regroup and reorganize one’s thoughts about what to do in the future.

The article to which I refer here will not be popular! It calls for a retreat from the sea – for a depopulation of the coastal zones of America and other high-risk areas of the country except for industries and businesses that are shoreline dependent.

One must wonder how many disasters like the recent one in New York and New Jersey that the nation’s economy can endure and afford.

“Certain things should be recognized as dependent on shorelines, such as shipping terminals, fishing ports, beach recreation, and shorebird and fish habitats. Shoreline dependence should be an important criterion as trade-offs among land uses are evaluated.”

The article makes a number of very good points. I suggest you read it. Don’t expect instant evacuation, however. I someone in my family said, “It ain’t gonna happen!”


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