Monday, November 12, 2012

My Apologies -- My Blog Service is Down

My sincereest apologies, I am having a great deal of difficulty posting blogs. I had to go out to the public library to find a working Internet access. I have a couple of very thorough blogs that are waiting to go, but I am not going to retype them here.
by Charlie Leck

I had a a brand new, updated, very fast wireless network and routing system installed in my house last week by Staples. The techy who installed it told me I wasn't go to believe the speed of the thing and how much more I'd like it than my old system.

I have had tech guys from Staples out twice since that original installation call. Each time they left with proclamation about how they've "got it now."

"You'll love it," they said each time.

In fact, I hate it. I want my old, slow system back. At least it worked. I've written a couple of significant blogs that I think are worthy of your attention, but I just can't post them under the present conditions. I'll need to call Staples again tomorrow.

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