Monday, November 12, 2012

Take Texas Again

The thought of Texas leaving the Union is something to which I have given much time. Can you imagine what it would be like?
by Charlie Leck

There’s been another call down in Texas for the state to withdraw from the Union. It happens every time Texas gets spanked in an election. Texas is too big for its britches. Frankly, I wouldn’t give a damn if Texas left the gathering of states. Perhaps it could petition for inclusion in Mexico.

 I wrote about this very thing a number of years ago, so I won’t do it again. You can read it here, if you want to: Take Texas: Please!

 This time the idea comes from the treasurer of the Hardin County Republican Party. It was first reported by the Fort Worth Star Telegram. The letter of the party treasurer, Peter Morrison, included the following….

“Texas was once its own country, and many Texans already think in nationalist terms about their state. We need to do everything possible to encourage a long-term shift in thinking on this issue. Why should Vermont and Texas live under the same government? Let each go her own way in peace, sign a free trade agreement among the states and we can avoid this gut-wrenching spectacle every four years,”


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