Sunday, February 17, 2013

Here I Go Again!

Facebook, I’m coming back if you’ll have me; and I apologize for all the times I’ve said how glad I’ve been to be parted from you. You’ve made it so difficult! It seems so many people communicate now only by means of Facebook. I’m too old for Facebook and I’m too technologically illiterate, but, nevertheless, here I am again.
by Charlie Leck

I am planning to eat some crow; and, while chomping it down, I am going to make my return to Facebook.

“Warum?” As my German friends might ask. Ou, “Pourquoi?” As all my dear cousins and second cousins in France would ask.

Well, though I seem to be just fine doing without it, I keep getting these emails telling me that this person has befriended me (my profile and all my information must still be active) and this other friend, for whom I have really warm affection, has posted a knockout-bangdiddeldeedoo photograph that I just must see.

So, in all humility, I will see what I can do about going back to Facebook and, with minimal activity on my own, I’ll see what’s going on – if, of course, Facebook will have me.

No, I don't know where I'm going
But, I sure know where I've been
Hanging on the promises
In songs of yesterday
An' I've made up my mind,
I ain't wasting no more time
Here I go again
Here I go again

An' here I go again on my own again
Turnin’ back to Face the facts again!

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