Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Minnesota History Center

     The Cathedral of Saint Paul,
      through a big lobby window at the Minnesota History Center!

I’m shocked when I hear so many of my friends say they’ve never been to the Minnesota History Center. It’s one of my favorite places.
by Charlie Leck

A friend of mine dragged me along with him to the Minnesota History Center (formerly known at the Minnesota Historical Society) a few weeks ago and, as usual, I had a wonderful time. The emphasis with a capital E is on history in Minnesota. There are always very well done exhibits about our state – whether it be on the Dakotah War of 1862 (as on this last visit) or on the Minnesota crime families of the ‘30s. And, there’s plenty of stuff oriented toward children. As well, there are two very snazzy gift shops and a lovely place to get an outstanding lunch.

     A giant bison coming right at me through the beautiful
      prairie grasses in an exhibit at the Minnesota History Center!

The society and these exhibits are housed in one of the finest exhibit halls in the United States, placed just about at the mid-point between the State Capitol Building and St. Mary’s Cathedral, with windows that peer out upon both of them (see the photograph above).

I’m proud that I’ve been a dues paying member of the Society for the last thirty years. If you live in Minnesota, you really ought to be a member also. It gets you free admission to the exhibits and a big discount on the parking rates. And, oh yes, the Society runs history sites in quite a few places all around the state.

To the left is a model of a Minnesota grain elevator of the Grain Terminal Association. Behind it is a full-sized and authentic box car from the grand old Soo Line Railroad. There are always beautifully presented exhibits on Minnesota history and you'll leave knowing a lot more about the state you live in.

Take a look at the Society’s web site and then go ahead and plan a visit soon.

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