Friday, February 22, 2013

Wolf! Wolf!

You can cry wolf only so many times! Mr. Simpson and Mr. Bowles (of The Alan and Erskine Show fame) are back again and crying into their microphones about the social calamity that awaits us if we don’t screw all middle class Americans at the profit of the wealthy.
by Charlie Leck

The nation is crawling out of its long, dark economic hole. The Republicans actually don’t want it to be so. They predicted an end-of-the-world type of financial calamity and now they are disappointed they didn’t get it. The Grand Old Party, now controlled by absolute nut-cases, is out to protect the phenomenally rich against any attempt to increase taxes. It has to do with some irrational pledge Republicans took years ago – actually signed their names to – and in the face of current strong evidence that such a tax hike is both necessary and fair, the party of the far right insists that they won’t concede even though they have been soundly defeated at the voting booth.

Whatever happened to the idea of listening to the voters?

Paul Krugman called the irrational conservatives a “Sequester of Fools” in a recent New York Times column – you know, a gaggle of geese, a congregation of alligators, a pride of lions and now a sequester of fools. Wonderful!

So the February 28 deadline for spending cuts approaches and the GOP, pridefully and not reasonably, is ready to drag the nation down its next dark alley to financial ruin. The hell with reality! Begone with the truth! Down with economic sense!

This is a wounded political party in action and there is nothing more dangerous in all of society.

For how long shall we suffer the fools? The nation is poised to break into a new and exciting day of economic success, and the Republican Party, under the control of the Tea Party, wants to bag it all in order to protect a small percentage of billionaires and mega-millionaires.

Behold the pace of asses!

“Messrs. Bowles and Simpson had their moment — the annus horribilis of 2011, when Washington was in thrall to deficit scolds insisting that, in the face of record-high long-term unemployment and record-low borrowing costs, we forget about jobs and concentrate exclusively on a 'grand bargain' that would supposedly (not actually) settle budget disputes for ever after.
“That moment has now passed; even Mr. Bowles concedes that the search for a grand bargain is on 'life support.' Let’s convene a death panel! But the legacy of that year of living foolishly lives on, in the form of the 'sequester,' one of the worst policy ideas in our nation’s history.” [Paul Krugman, in A Sequester of Fools)


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