Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feb 28 and the Economy is Rolling

Here’s the deal! Oh, there is no deal! Congress is going to screw the nation again by failing to act on the Sequester problem – just when the economy seemed to be really picking up steam!
by Charlie Leck

Don’t you just love Congress – both of the bastards (the House and the Senate)? They have been an absolute laughing stock for the last eight years. They’ve been unable to cooperate and unwilling to have civil discussions on sensible compromise.

I’ve got my theory about what’s wrong with our Congress and that theory boils down to a guy named Grover and a political movement called the Tea Party.

I don’t mind if you vote for Republicans the next time around, just don’t vote for them if they have any association or sympathy whatsoever for the far right movement called the Tea Party.

If you want to be a sensible, responsible voting citizen, look for true moderates and true progressives for whom to vote.

Here’s why!
(1) Our sea ports are falling apart and, as the big, Minnesota company, Cargill, is warning us, this is going to affect international trade if we don’t get this problem fixed. (2) The nation’s federal highway system (both its roads and its bridges) is in terrible condition and this is going to affect national commerce, international trade and tourist travel if we don’t get this problem fixed. (3) The U.S. military system needs some major reformation to get it ready for a much more high-tech world than that for which it was originally built and that will require additional spending rather than decreased spending. (4) The economy is begging to break out and turn bullish and Congress won’t cooperate by setting it free. (5) Jobs are starting to be available in every part of the nation, but that good news can turn sour very quickly if the Sequester lasts even a short while. (6) The airline industry, already shaky, could really take a beating if it has to start canceling flights because available ground employees of the federal government aren’t available to help them take off.

Increase Taxes! Increase Spending!
The fact of the matter is that our nation needs a strong influx of federal cash to keep it rolling. Think of it as an investment because the return will be enormous if we can fix roads, bridges, airports, waterways, sea ports, ground transportation systems and the our military readiness. You might want to thrown improved schools into this mix as well.

What the radical conservatives of the Republican Party are talking about is the exact (180◦) opposite of this.

Sit back and watch it happen – or, get after your Congressional representatives and tell them, for God’s sake (I mean it!), to do something for a change. If you think it doesn’t do any good to write, email or phone them you are just absolutely wrong… wrong… wrong!

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