Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Blogged My Heart Out Yesterday

I am avoiding this scandal in Washington, when I ought to be confronting it and writing about it. I wrote, instead, a strange blog yesterday, meaning to post it today. It was far too intimate and personal and revealed some of the little problems my aging has brought along. Who cares? That is what I finally asked and then I set aside the blog, putting it instead in my daily journal. I must write about this stink in our nation’s capitol! Why am I avoiding it?
by Charlie Leck

“Sit! Write,” I told myself!

There are politicians comparing it to Watergate? Watergate! Do you remember Watergate and the slime of it?... how it brought down the President and labeled him a criminal forever after?

I am like the proverbial ostrich! I do not want to face this – not the slightest possibility that my president could be involved in anything so awful. He is not! I am certain! He could not sink so low as Richard Nixon did!

Yet, of course, Republicans are running around, happily, and comparing this current dust-up to Watergate!

I do not believe it for a second! I realize something went terribly wrong, but I do not believe it was orchestrated from or by the White House – though all the motive in the world seems there for this administration to do such a thing. The constant frustration brought on by the Tea Party types. Those inside the White House must have asked myriad times about whether the far right might be raising funds illegally to oppose the President’s actions. Why not loose the FBI and the IRS on them – the dirty bastards? Yet, I cannot believe this president – this man – could be capable of such a misuse of power. However, the Republicans will make it seem so! They have an important mid-term election coming up in 2014. What a body blow it would be to the Democrats if the nation suspects them of such foul play. Just the hint of a stink – or the unlikeliest suspicion – would be enough for the Republicans to win back both houses by a wide margin.

As I think about it, is this not motive enough to cause scoundrels to create such images of a president gone bad. Oh, Lord, not Obama! I cannot believe it of him. I will not!

Who knew what and when?
Of course, President Obama must act with immediate efficiency to lay bare all that went wrong. What was happening at the IRS? We must know every detail and how such things began – who knew what and when did they know it? Remember than constant tune from the Watergate scandal?

There can be nothing hidden! Everything must be open to the inspection of the American people as well as the Congress.

I will write a number of times in the next few days about the scandal in Washington and who is behind it. Full disclosure!

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