Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Of the Orderly Transfer of Government

The brilliant and clear-thinking Stanley Fish wrote in his blog on the New York Times that the NRA may indeed be un-American if its proposals lead to a resistance against the orderly transfer of government.
by Charlie Leck

In a blog, posted very recently in the New York Times, Stanley Fish wonders if the NRA might not be Un-American. The blog is very thoughtful and worth reading.

Is the National Rifle Association really inspired by worthy motives when it speaks of its defense of the Second Amendment? This is the question that Fish raises…

“…the desire to set right what has gone terribly wrong. Somehow the forces of evil have gained the levers of power, and unless they are dislodged, the values necessary to the sustaining of everything we cherish will be overwhelmed. Violence is ugly, but if tyranny is to be defeated, it may be necessary. Given tyranny’s resilience and its tendency to fill any available political space, we must always be ready; the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

“..the American tradition of accepting the results of elections — even when they bring with them policies you believe to be misguided at best and disastrous at worst — is in danger of being undermined when groups of armed people decide that the present leadership is infected by unpatriotic, socialist ideas and must be resisted at all costs.

“Yes, and no,” Fish says to his own question. His comments in between the two teasing quotations I give you above are quite brilliant and extremely worth reading.

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