Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Once in a while, tired of the daily paper and the constant haranguing it brings, I must rely on better sources to fill me up (re-energize myself) and get me going again.
by Charlie Leck

I read this yesterday in my daily Rilke readings (taken from the Ninth Duino Elegy) and I liked it very much…
“A hunger drives us.
We want to contain it all in our naked hands,
our brimming senses, our speechless hearts.
We want to become it, or offer it – but to whom?
We could hold it forever – but, after all,
what can we keep? Not the beholding,
so slow to learn. Not anything that has happened here.
Nothing. There are hurts. And, always, the hardships.
And there’s the long knowing of love – all of it
unsayable. Later, amidst the stars, we will see:
these are better unsaid.”

It’s a nice break (no?) from the daily head-slaps that we get from the newspapers – especially on this day following the horrible storm in Oklahoma and the sorrow that the reports are bringing.

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