Thursday, May 30, 2013

So Long! It’s Been Good to Know You!

I may as well fold up the ollld blog. Who am I going to bash now that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has decided to give up her seat in Congress – that is, when January 2014 rolls around? Unless, of course, she has other ideas!
by Charlie Leck

Now Congresswoman Bachmann is saying that eight years is good enough for anyone. It is not, she emphasizes, that she’s afraid of her Democratic opponent in an election next year. And, she also assures us, it has nothing to do with the possibility of charges of campaign misconduct having to do with her Iowa presidential primary activities in 2012.

No, dang it! Of course not!

I’ll tell you what!
If Michele Bachmann sticks to her guns and leaves Congress and stays out of politics, I’ll hang up my spurs as well. On her last day in Congress, I’ll write my final blog here. With Ms. Bachmann gone, my blood pressure will go down and so will most of my reasons to rant, rave and rage.

Unless, that is…
I have no idea who will ascend to represent Minnesota’s sixth district in Congress. Only the election of an idiot like Tom Emmer, who happens to live in the sixth district, could get me to renege on my promise to stop blogging. And, Emmer is being talked about as one of the possible candidates to replace the congresswoman. I’d like to think that Emmer is unelectable but I’m afraid it may not be true in the sixth district – and only in the sixth.

So, even though Bachmann has pledged to leave Congress, we need Graves to stick to his promise to run for the seat. I think he would have beaten Bachmann (and frankly, I think that’s why she’s retiring) and I think he can defeat Emmer in a head-to-head fight.

The two zaniest Republicans in the state…
You know, from what I’ve written here, that I have little regard for either Bachmann or Emmer. They are the two weirdest Republicans in the state. They are both equally flakey and they both lack any sort of cleverness. I think Emmer would end up being even a greater embarrassment to the state than Bachmann has been.

So, stay tuned and I’ll try to keep you up-to-date on what’s going to happen in Minnesota’s sixth congressional district. The first thing I’ll watch for are hints that Emmer might be making a run for it. I have reasonable Republican friends who will keep me posted on Emmer’s intentions.

Tom Emmer cost the Minnesota Republican Party the governorship in 2012 and if, by some strange set of circumstances, he should get to run for congress, I believe he’ll do the same thing in that race by splitting his party again.

If the Republican Party is smart they’ll look for some kind of moderately conservative candidate out there in the sixth district – for a person who will have a more reasonable approach than did Michele Bachmann.

Now, one final possibility…
Could it be? Would she dare? Has Ms. Bachmann the idea that she might take a run for the U.S. Senate and oppose Al Franken in his 2014 bid for reelection? OMG! That would mean intensifying my blogging efforts rather than discontinuing them. Is it possible? What we have learned is that with her anything is possible.

If you’d like to watch the You Tube Video of Ms. Bachmann’s statement about her retirement, you can do so here…


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  1. I have a feeling that Emmer is going to be able to wrangle the nomination. It would be the best opportunity for Graves to take the seat. If a less crazy Republican runs, Graves will have a hard time overcoming their natural base in the Sixth in a non-presidential year election. We should find a way to compare Emmer's business ethics ("I didn't contract with you, my wife did") to Graves'.