Saturday, May 18, 2013

Time for Woodward and Bernstein

It’s time for a Woodward and Bernstein team – or for a team like Woodward and Bernstein.
by Charlie Leck

I can’t tell you how many hours I spent in front of the telly in the early seventies – ’73, to be exact – when I should have been out, productively working. I caught the Watergate disease and became fascinated with the extraordinarily colorful Senator Same Erving. On those days when I had to beat the streets, making my calls, I tried to have dinner in front of the television so I could watch the public television replays of the day's hearings, when the Senate committee chaired by Erving delved into the whole murky Watergate affair.

I don’t think many of you who remember the times will disagree with me when I give credit to those two young, energetic reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Berstein, for breaking open the entire mess and bringing down the President and all his men. I don’t know where the whole investigation might have gone had it not for those two tenacious guys.

Woodward and Bernstein set out to find out what the President knew about the whole, rotten business and when he knew it. I’ve read their book, All the President’s Men, a number of times and I’m always fascinated by it. It would take us nearly 35 years to find out who Deep Throat was! Remember?

Enough reminiscing about those days! I’ve written about them here before. Now I just want to say we need another Woodward and Bernstein – or perhaps they need to team up again and find out for us just what has happened in the whole IRS vs the Tea Party Scandal.

I’m here to admit that it is messy and that it was wrong! However, I’m not yet ready to admit the President had a hand in it. If he did, the nation needs to know just how and how much he was involved.

No one has supported or cheered for the President more than I; yet I must know, beyond question, that he is innocent and unstained by the shameful actions of the Internal Revenue Service. It isn’t that the validity of their applications for non-profit status should not have been investigated; it is just that Tea Party organizations should not have been investigated while such organizations in the center and left of the political spectrum were ignored while doing the same thing. Is that what really happened? We must know! Was the President aware? We must have the answer! If so, when was he aware and what did he do about it? Every American needs to know – every American of all political persuasions!

We must not allow Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and her type to make these damning accusations if they are not true. She has no idea whether they are or not! She is merely a dunce! The U.S. Senate must find out the truth and report it clearly to the American people; and they need a leader as tenacious and honest as was Sam Irving. (You children don’t know about him, but we old geezers will never forget him. Nor will we ever forget Woodward and Bernstein! Bring them on again!)

I should only add that I am not afraid of the truth on this one.
There is a world of difference between Richard Nixon and Barack Obama!

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