Sunday, April 6, 2008

Building a Legacy

Keep an eye on what Bush is up to!
by Charlie Leck

George Bush is going harder and faster in the last couple of months than he went in his entire presidency before that. What’s going on? It’s called legacy building.

Here we have a president who is destined to go down in history as one of the three or four worst presidents of the nation; and, I think he knows it all right. So, as he moves into that last turn and approaches the home stretch, even though the entire rest of the field has crossed the finished line and is getting rubbed down and cooled out by handlers, George Double-U is going to turn on the jets and try to finish dead-last in a blaze of glory.

That’s what the sudden interest in a Middle East peace is all about. Where the hell was he on that issue for seven year? And, he’s now trying to rebuild NATO and he’s negotiating with Russia about allowing some of their old satellite nations into the organization. He wants to build anti-missile defense systems in Europe to repel weapons of mass destruction that might travel in from certain Arab states that he calls a part of the axis of evil. He’s spewing orders about getting New Orleans cleaned up and repaired pronto. How many years since that city was deluged? How many years have people been refugees?

Now, add to all of that the fence – the big-ass, 700 mile long fence that will divide us from Mexico. Don’t think this one through Double-U, making sure it’s the right thing to do! Don’t hold conversations with property owners along the way, and negotiate with them about what the fence will do to their properties, lives and pocketbooks! Don’t ask for a debate in Congress about the concept.

As Larry the Cable Guy says, “Just get ‘er done!” These ill-spoken, illiterate comedians stick together. Sorry, Larry, I don’t mean to lump you in with the President, because you’re much brighter than that. You are brilliant at what you do!

The fence might not be a dumb, stupid and insane idea. There’s an outside chance, anyway, that it’s not, but why hurry it now and try to get it done in the next six months.

George Bush just gets things done. That will be his legacy. Never mind that he didn’t consider diplomatic or foreign policy ramifications in the war he started or in the fence he built.

How I long for the old days when presidents and the legislative branch worked together on matters and made “considered and joint decisions.” I know! I know! It was a long, long time ago.

Let’s watch Double-U in these last few months. He’s got that funny look in his eyes again. If he can convince General Powell to be less than honest with us, you think he might have a chance with Chertoff?

Don’t blink! Keep an eye on him! Next thing you know he’ll be building a fence along the entire northern border, too – right through those big ole’ lakes and up and over those mountain tops.

Those fences, you know, are going to solve all our problems. Unemployment just rose to its highest level in many years and it looks like it is going to get worse. How many people can you put to work building the wall, afterall?

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