Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Spent the Morning Looking at Commercials

And now I’m riddled with guilt and shame
by Charlie Leck

Well, I had some big plans for this morning. I was going to do a lot of writing and then finish a little book by David Williamson. Then I was going to clean some cupboards in the kitchen and go outside to prune away some unwanted little shoots on a pretty flowering tree we’ve got.

Instead I spent the morning watching video commercials. MoveOn.Org sent me an email, informing me that they’d had a huge response to their open contest to create a 30 second TV spots for Barack Obama. I was invited to go on line to watch them and vote on them. I didn’t expect that there would be hundreds of them. The first few were so good that I was hooked. A few hours had gone by before I realized what I’d done.

Don’t tell anyone, will you? I had a great time and I’m ashamed that I enjoyed myself so much. You might want to go take a look also, but be careful!

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