Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Missed a Moment

This was a big moment and I wasn't there!
by Charlie Leck

I wasn't there to see the spiraling, twirling tippy-toes
Nor to hear the giggling, gasping, delighted grandpas
Cheer on their little dervishes twirling like Ekaterina Shipulina
Nor to see her first arabesque and entrechat

I was here, among the stars and dazzled by them,
When I should have been there, standing in the back
Amazed at how she's grown to be a princess in pink ruffles
Leaping through her pas de chat while my heart soared with her

But I was a galaxy away in another time and space
Missing this moment that will never in this universe be repeated
So I might be thrilled by her temps levé sauté or fouetté en tournant
Whistling and applauding as she twirls and pumps her arms in time

I wasn't there to see my little princess, Anna Rosalenka Volochkova
For, in solitude, I was fleeting toward the stars on the wings of a pig

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