Saturday, April 12, 2008

First Request Gets It

Peter Bergen's Book, Holy War, is yours, absolutely free, if you're the first to ask
David Hanson, a blogging friend from Oakland, CA, was the first to ask for the book and it is on it's way to him!

Let's try something new this morning, just for fun.

In August of 2001, Peter Bergen, accomplished and award winning journalist, turned in a manuscript to his publisher that explored the links between the 1993 bombing of the world trade center and the CIA-funded rebels who were fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. As part of his research, he had interviewed Osama bin Laden. 

Bergen's plan was to take several months editing and sharpening the book before its final publication. Then came 9-11 and the plans for Bergen's book changed. A whole team of editors and writers went to work on it and it was out only weeks after the destruction of the World Trade Towers.

It is a very good work. It's yours if you're the first to ask for it. I'll ship it free anywhere in the world so you can read it. The first person to request it gets it. Either send me an email, if you know my email, or leave me a comment with some way I can contact you. If I already know your email address, don't bother leaving any further information beyond your name.  

If you are the first to request the book, I'll request your shipping address and get it promptly delivered.

Bergen, Peter: Holy War Inc: Inside the secret world of Osama bin Laden [Free Press, New York, 2001] This once-read book is in very good condition.

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  1. David Hanson, a blogging friend from Oakland, CA, was the first to request the book and it will be in the mail to him today (Monday).
    Chas Leck