Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A.I.G. = Avarice, Indulgence and Greed

How angry was I?
by Charlie Leck

How angry was I when I heard that A.I.G. intended to give out millions of dollars in bonuses to their executives after the government handed them billions of dollars in bailout money? I told you, didn’t I, how I ruined two perfectly good keyboards when I tried to pound out my blog about the bastards? My blood pressure soared and I was shouting obscenities at the computer and, through it, at the entire world of rotten, corrupt business practitioners – the thieving, vile, corrupt, low-down, miserable horde of no-goods and nary-do-wells.

Now I have my new, indestructible Ironsides Keyboard in place and I can pound on it as hard as I please and the keys just happily click and spring back at me, asking for more.

“Top of the world to you,” I say. “’Tis Saint Patty’s Day and I shall not let a little Avarice, Indulgence and Greed spoil ‘me day, my boy! Top of the mornin’ to you.”

I’ve made up m'mind, however – t’ hell with the bailouts. Let ‘em die. Let ‘em go under. Let em fail. These rapscallions who ruined their businesses deserve to be out on the street. They deserve to be goin’ to food shelters, beggin’ for food. They should be goin’ to soup kitchens lookin’ for somethin’ t'eat. They should be sleepin’ nights out on the street or, best, in charity shelters.

Laddies and Lasses, enough help for the sons-of-bitches, I say. Enough!

The pigs at Avarice, Indulgence and Greed have brought me over to Rush Limbaugh’s side. No more welfare for ‘em or any of the other financial institutions and automobile makers in the country. No more of m’money to lyin’ and thieven’ creeps who think they’ve got special treatment comin’ to em – not a penny more!

Let’s take the dive and then let’s rebuild the country and put iron-clad regulations on these crooked businessmen.

Bonus, my ass! That’s what I’d tell ‘em. There ain’t no bonuses for rotten pigs what done wrecked their companies. Out on the street with ‘em, I say. Out on the street!

They’ve robbed us blind. They’ve ruined good businesses. They deserve no rewards or supports.

The slobs – the utter, gluttonous pigs at A.I.G. have pulled away the veil that covered m’eyes and now I am no longer blind. Put ‘em in jail. Leave ‘em at sea in a sinkin’ ship. Bind ‘em all t’gether and feed ‘em to hungry lions in darkest Africa. Whatever! Just don’t give ‘em any more of m’ hard earned money.

A.I.G. = Avarice, Indulgence and Greed
Do you hear? We’ll take a dark, horrible economic depression before we’ll feed money to Avarice, Indulgence and Greed.

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