Monday, March 16, 2009

In the Interest of Preserving Keyboards

I was raging pretty good over the weekend and had to get control of myself!
by Charlie Leck

One regular reader wrote, expressing surprise that I didn’t write about A.I.G. and its intention to pay out millions and millions in bonuses.

Another reader wrote expressing shock that I didn’t write about it.

Let me explain the deal here, okay? I began to write about the subject and destroyed my wireless keyboard because I was typing so hard. I had another keyboard in reserve – the one that came with the computer – a wired up model that I need to plug into the computer. Again, my fingers came down so hard on the keys that I destroyed this reserve keyboard in no time.

Angry? Would you really call it anger? No, no! It was more like unleashed rage and furor. I used so many F-words in the first paragraph that the F-key was the first on the keyboard to splinter. When I brought the second keyboard out, I vowed to stay away from that obscene word. Within a paragraph I had destroyed the G-Key on that keyboard.

I had to pull out my precious lap-top in order to continue working. I decided to move away from the A.I.G. topic and to write, instead, about good, old Bill Gates Senior [read it if you haven’t yet].

Now these two readers have got me thinking about A.I.G. again. I went to Best Buy yesterday afternoon and enquired about the toughest, strongest g-damned, f-ing computer keyboard they had. The young man could see the rage in my eyes and the froth bubbling out of my mouth and understood what I was talking about. He admitted they had no keyboard that would meet my requirements, but he gave me the name of an on-line dealer that made keyboards especially for angry bloggers. I placed an order and asked that it be shipped overnight. It should arrive tomorrow. Until then, I’m staying away from the A.I.G. topic; but when I get my hands on that new keyboard the first thing I’m going to tell you is what A.I.G. really stands for.

In the meantime, read about the wonderful new Google Voice that we’ll soon be able to buy. I'm boggled by it and can’t wait. It will indeed take the telephone to the next level. Wow!

I’ve had so many people tell me that I just had to try Facebook, that I went ahead and signed up and started accumulating friends and trying to keep up communications with them. It can get exhausting, but I’m not going to knock this dazzling social networking service, because I’ve found two old friends through it that I have been trying and trying to track down for a long, long time. Oh yes, here’s my point. There’s a wonderful article by Peggy Orenstein in this week New York Times Magazine: Growing up on Facebook [give it a read].

A dog-gone good friend is under the knife today – very extensive open heart surgery – and I’m hanging near the phone, waiting for word on his condition. It’s got my mind pretty screwed up, so I likely won’t write tomorrow (Tuesday). See you on Wednesday.

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