Saturday, March 21, 2009

Two Old Bags

These old ladies do get it right most of the time. This time they nailed it!
by Charlie Leck

I hate to keep sending you to Helen and Margaret’s blog because I think the old girls are fictional and it’s really written by two young girls at Smith College or Vassar.

Nevertheless, here I am sending you to their blog again today.

Helen covers some of the basic rules of life that should be in play in America – in order for it to consider itself a great country. An example follows.
“No child should go to bed hungry and no parent with a sick child should have to worry about not having health insurance.”
Makes sense, doesn’t it? That is, in a really great nation!

Or, how about this one?
“At the intersection of all the major world religions, you will find the Golden Rule. It’s a place where you will never run into Limbaugh, Coulter or Palin. We all should have directions to that intersection.”
There are lots of others in-between and I recommend you give them a read and then drop me a note, thanking me for the favor of sending you there.

[Read the old bitches, Helen and Margaret: WE HAVE A DREAM!]

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