Sunday, March 22, 2009

Photos I Really, Really Like

This photograph was sent to me on a postcard by the wife
of this fellow who died just about two years ago. He was a
great guy and this splendid photograph captures the
spirit of him precisely. I smile every time I look at this
terrific picture. I keep it very near my desk so I can see it
often and remind myself of the happiness we should let
loose in ourselves.

A portfolio of wonderful photos I own (sort of)...
by Charlie Leck

Isn’t photography great? What a wonderful hobby and activity!

I’m playing around on Facebook a little bit, trying to figure out its in and outs and its general value to society and to me. Big, inconsequential job!

Right off the top, I can tell you one of the wonderful things about this “social networking service” is that it provides an opportunity to share photos with people we call friends – and I love photographs.

On Facebook, I’m able to communicate with people I really like and see the latest photographs of them and their kin. So, that part I’ve got figured out and I like it.

I’m putting together an album on Facebook – right now – of my favorite photos; that is, photographs I’ve taken and others that have been given or have been sent to me by friends. If you’re on Facebook, you’ll be able to look at this album. They’re things like those I’ve included here, as a little preview for you.

I took this photograph in May of 2007 at Colgate University.
This delightful young lady is one of my daughter's good friends.
I had never seen a more beautiful smile and I had to have a
photograph of it.

I took this photograph in Dallas in 2005. This is one of my brothers,
totally immersed in his enjoyable dinner at Joe's Crab House. When
Frank has a lobster before him, and a bucket of clams, he gets
pretty serious about the moment.

The Pro
This photograph I took in the early '80s on a golfing
trip to Scotland. It was originally a 35mm color photo
that I later digitized and converted to gray scale.
Then, on Photoshop, I used some art filters on it,
including pencil sketch.

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