Friday, October 30, 2009

The Degrees Keep Piling Up

I’m suffering from a bit of an inferiority complex because Delta Dog keeps piling up the degrees and honors!
by Charlie Leck

Don’t think me the fool! Give me some consideration – perhaps, even, support. I have a couple of degree certificates posted on the wall in my office. (I just noticed, now, that they are in need of dusting.) I take some pride in them and some comfort as well.

Now, however, I am beginning to feel somewhat like a slacker. The dog, you see, pushed on by the woman of the house, keeps piling up degrees. This week another arrived and he is insisting that I frame it and post it with his half-dozen others. When I snickered at the idea, he showed a few teeth and grumbled at me (that’s a stifled growl).

His latest achievement is a degree of commencement from READ – Reading Education Assistance Dogs.

I thought he had climbed to the very top when he received his DELTA DOG certification. It came with an academic cape, a leather bound diploma and a degree certificate meant for framing. It was immediately followed by a host of job offers that required him to fly to various locations in the United States on recruiting visits. Since no funds were included for me to accompany him on his flights to these cities, I refused permission for him to leave. He’s treated me rather coolly ever since.

Perhaps I should feel guilty about this, but I have finally made my feelings known to the top-dog of this house. I shall not stand for any more educational or continuing education endeavors by this creature. He is, after all, only a dog – a simple, uncomplicated animal that is supposed to be servant to me, his master.

This string of degrees has gone to his head, however. Because his wall is now covered with these degrees and other citations of achievement and excellence, he is beginning to feel that he is the resident-superior and that I am but a dismissible servant.

How’s that for a “man and his dog” story. Help!


  1. dear charles,
    knowing jasper, as i do, and being aware of his religeous and cultural background, it comes as no surprise that he is a natural student and seeker of truth...something that would be of benefit to his master...
    we all know that people (and canines)of the jewish faith, are driven to educational success and jasper is just doing what comes natural(ly)...
    if you would support, rather than riducule him, there'd be no end to his acheivements...
    i'm proud of him, and so are buddy and puppy...
    you probably don't even know that he speaks (barks) yiddish...
    jasper, mozzle tov!


  2. Listen, oldman... oh, I give up on you... so, he's Jewish... so he's smarter than I...Mussel Tof to you as well.